Truck Mounted Deep Steam Tile Cleaning

Tile and Grout Cleaning

 We use "The Power" of Truck Mounted Steam Tile Cleaning process. Your Tile and Grout lines will be clean and dry in hours not days ! all of our work is Satisfaction Guaranteed we have over 30 yrs of Tile Cleaning Experience and are well reviewed. search our phone number and look for our reviews or just Give us a call 239-357-6900 you won't be disappointed

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Tile Cleaning Fort Myers Fl
Tile Cleaning Fort Myers Fl

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Truckmounted Deep Steam Cleaning

 Ceramic and porcelain tile and Travetine accounts for more and more flooring square footage every year and shows no sign of slowing down. Commonly found in entry ways, bathrooms, kitchens,Florida rooms and other high traffic areas, tile and grout cleaning Ft Myers Fl, has become a bit of a headache for the homeowner. While the versatility and durability make it desirable, the cracks and pores hold onto dirt and grime like glue. The most common complaint is dirty, unsightly grout. And we know how much hard work it takes to get it clean with just a brush and some random hardware store cleaning products. Grout is porous and can collect soil, grease, food and drink stains, giving it a dark, grungy appearance. Believe it or not, your mop could actually be contributing to this soiled look!.
Expert Tile Cleaning, is focused on providing high quality Tile Cleaning services and customer satisfaction in Ft Myers Fl. for Tile and Grout Cleaning, Natural Stone Cleaning and Sealing and Granite Counter top Cleaning and Sealing. We specialize in Residential and Commercial Grout Cleaning.Using our powerful state-of-the-art truck mounted tile and grout cleaning Ft Myers Fl, we will breathe new life into your worn dirty grout! Our tile and grout cleaning turbo spinner utilizes a combination of high-heat 230 deg high-pressurized water 700 psi and a powerful vacuum that will blast away years of dirt and grime and extract everything leaving the tiled area clean and virtually dry with each pass. When the tile and grout cleaning is combined with our exclusive grout sealer, the grout on your floor will look as new as the day it was installed. And as always your satisfaction is Guaranteed Give us a Call today for a Free No Obligation Quote 239-357-6900 


Tile Cleaning Ft Myers Fl.

Why should I have you clean my Tile and Grout when I can simply mop it ? Won't that do the trick?
Mopping alone cannot achieve the kind of results that Expert Carpet Cleaning Ft Myers Fl, can In fact when you mop your Tile you often make the Grout lines dirtier. Mops are porous while Tile and Grout are solid you will remove surface dirt only. You may get the Tile surface clean but the dirt on the mop gets shoved around and into the porous and rough Grout, actually making it worse. our Turbo Spinner and our Truck mounted Tile Cleaning system will focus on the Grout lines for a deep and powerful Tile Cleaning, How often do I have to Clean Grout, once the sealer has been applied ? We recommend you clean your floor once a week using a Neutral cleaner. How often do you have to re-apply the Sealer after the first application? When combined with our Annual Maintenance Cleaning Program, Sealer can keep your Grout looking new for the life of the Tile. As we do our maintenance cleanings we will touch up problem areas and re seal the Grout as needed. What can I expect from the Grout Sealer, Your Grout lines will not only look as new as the day it was installed but will clean with ease. You will no longer have to scrub the Grout or Tile with harsh chemicals. In fact, harsh chemicals will damage the Grout sealer. A Neutral Cleaner will be all you need. Your Grout lines will no longer be porous so soil that does develop over time is only sitting on top of the Grout Sealer and can easily be wiped off, compared to being embedded deep in the Grout to become a stain. What Flooring does Expert Tile Cleaning Lehigh Acres Fl, clean We specialize in cleaning wall and floor Tile and Grout. If you have any kind of Tile, we can clean it! Can you guarantee the results ? while It is impossible to guarantee how clean a given area will look like. Some Tile floors are thirty or more years old and have never had a comprehensive cleaning. However, even with these old floors we can often achieve great results and breathe new life into your Tile. If the Grout does not come as clean as expected, we would recommend a Grout stain to achieve consistency, rather than a clear sealer. Before you replace it.

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