Getting Ready For Carpet Cleaning and Tile Cleaning

Before We Arrive for carpet cleaning

  • Please use this as a guide to for your cleaning appointment 
  • ​1. Before we arrive for carpet cleaning or tile cleaning please pick up all loose items ie... shoes,papers,magazines,pet dishes,toy etc....The work area must be cleared of any obstacles or obstructions before we begin cleaning
  • 2.If you can before we arrive for carpet cleaning or tile cleaning please vacuum the areas that we will be cleaning you will greatly improve the quality of your carpet cleaning lehigh acres fl, by removing as much Dry soil as possible
  • 3.Before we arrive please secure your pets and small animals we will need to leave doors to the home open and don't want your pet to get lost
  • 4.Our equipment will be in your home ie. hoses and sprayers and cleaning tools .Please keep Young children away from our work area and also our truck outside the hoses we use will be extremely HOT and can cause burns
  • Before we arrive please have your driveway clear so we may back our truck as close to the entrance as possible. 
  • After We Are Finished
  • Your freshly cleaned carpets in lehigh acres fl and tile areas will be damp to the touch and will be completely dry within about 4-6 hours
  • you may allow light traffic while the areas are drying but remember tile and hard floor surfaces will be slippery until they are completely dry.
  • Please turn on any ceiling fans or box fans to full blast this will help speed the drying process also be sure to lower the air conditioning system this will help to dehumidify your home and also speed up drying
  • Keep pets and small children off The Just Cleaned areas until completely dry to prevent re soling and also to minimize accidents

Carpet Cleaning Fort Myers Fl
Carpet Cleaning Fort Myers Fl

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